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Originally Posted by meng666 View Post
Regardless of what some posters are saying, Kadri has received a totally disproportionate amount of criticism compared to any leaf that I can recall. Twitter has been an endless spew of bust comments and racist tripe while Hfboards and plenty of other sports sites have laid into the guy big time. Obviously there are myriad reasons why Kadri is unliked by some but I'm guessing his public persona, particularly his confident interviews and sometimes asinine twitter updates, play the biggest role. His ethnicity is certainly a focal point for alot of haters, as you can see from regular racist tweets, and this fact shouldn't be swept under the rug.
I am not a daily reader here, but I recall similar amounts of over-analyzed super criticism directed at any number of first rounders the Leafs have drafted. First, drafted in the first round of a non-playoff year by the Leafs means you have to become a franchise player. Second, from day 1 of your career the clock is ticking for immediate results and every day you aren't winning the Leafs their cup is a day you, as a prospect, have utterly failed the team, its fans, and most importantly, the reporters who cover them.

This has been true of Kadri, but it was also true of Tlusty, Antropov, Steen, Hendrickson, Convery, whoever else I'm missing going back as far as you can go.

Do the harsh critiques throw in back-handed comments about race in Kadri's case? I haven't seen it, but I'll take your word for it. That still doesn't mean the bulk of it is racially motivated. Being a top prospect, especially a self-drafted one in TOR is ricockulous. I actually think it's funny people are surprised or angry about Kadri's treatment. What has happened in this market in the last 30 years to suggest anything else could possibly happen? The upside for Kadri is if he starts to play at all like a top 6 player with a little sandpaper on a non-horrifyingly bad team, he can have the hearts and adulation of our insane fanbase the way no one really has since Wendy got dealt for Sundin (with an asterisk for Dougie who probably made it that high too).

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