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01-21-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Pajicz View Post
I'm still 99% sure that Alex would've gotten us to Super Bowl as well.

Good that I've been wrong about Kappy, but that move was a big risk, and also not fair towards your previous starter...
Hmm...maybe you're right, it's an interesting debate to have IMO. I personally think people were way to critical of Alex Smith...he doesn't have Kaepernick's physical ability, but since Harbaugh took over, Smith turned into a very efficient QB.

I think with Smith as QB, they would of beat the Packers...I don't personally think the Packers were a very good team, just a below average team with an amazing QB (which alot of people think is enough for some odd reason). But i'm not entirely sure the 49ers beat the Falcons yesterday, IN Atlanta and down by 17, with Alex Smith as QB.

The Niners offense with Kaepernick as opposed to Smith hasn't changed drastically, it's just become alot more diverse (pistol offense) and there are way more explosive plays with Kaepernick at QB.

Smith is a solid QB, he makes smart decisions, is a great teamate and is tougher than given credit for...It's just that Kaep's alot more dynamic. He can make EVERY throw and unlike Smith, he can attack defenses outside the hashmarks.

I knew when the Niners drafted Kaepernick, that he was the future at QB for this team...I just didn't anticipate it would happen so soon.

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