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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
Desharnais was never a sacred cow here... if a player earned it the hard way its him. Before camp started last year, a majority of people argued that there was some hype around him because he was french (pushed by the whole RDS nazi propaganda that makes people do EXACTLY what RDS wants) and that he wouldn't even make the team. If one guy earned his spot on this team - and its his to lose to a better player - its him.

Now the ''what if'' rethoric is endless ... but as long as he progresses well , who knows what kind of player he will be in 2-3 years ? When you see a guy steadily getting better and better ... saying he's going to be a reason why this team will lose down the road is quite depressing.

its like saying with subban on the top 2 pairs we won't win a cup. just silly, even if it ends up being true. correlation=/= causation.those statements are based on gut feelings... and people should stop trying to turn them into arguments.
You just said everything I was trying to say in a much more direct statement. Nice.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Yes, but mostly because it means we retained him and tried to find a spot for him in the lineup instead of replacing him and trying to move forward and get better. I would have preferred to stick with Tanguay this whole time if we were just going to put a soft playmaking winger in the middle and run with it. Yes, I think Desharnais is "soft", yes, I think he should be a winger if anything, and yes, I think Tanguay is much better than Desharnais and always has been. But I still would have replaced Tanguay, too, so... Desharnais obviously still has no place on my Habs roster.
Desharnais and soft? A guy who goes to the dirty areas and wins around 50% of his puck battles is far from soft. Small? Yes, definitely. Soft? No. Soft a is a term that is thrown around far too much. Sure, DD gets knocked off the puck but its because he tries to create something instead of doing what Plekanec and Gionta do - shoot a meaningless shot on net that 75% of the time gets deflected into the crowd or away from the net.

I like Tanguay a lot (always have from his days in Colorado), but he was the definition of a perimeter player. Not even close to the same type of player that Desharnais is.

Desharnais has a place on the Habs roster and he'll be here for a long time. He's only getting better and better (The guy has like 130 games of NHL experience and already moved up from a 4th liner to a 1st liner by forcing his way through). He's going to have a great NHL career and best of all, it's going to be in Montreal AND on a winning team.

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