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Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
Eddie you wrote that "Based on O'Reilly's demands, Landeskog should already be paid as much as O'Reilly does."

Let's say ROR sign a 5M+ salary (which btw i agree is too much) how does that affects Landeskog right now??
What I meant was that I was talking in how ROR's current demands will affect our upcoming RFAs. Im just trying to look towards the future and not have a short-sighted view on the Avalanche team.

I think it would be extremely irresponsible for Avs management to just give in to salary demands of a player whos only shown, in one year, that he can contribute in an offensive role. If the avs didnt have such a young team, its a much simpler pill to swallow. But because of the existence of so many young players on the team, who are looking for RFA contract extensions in the future, if this team wants to maintain a solid core, being fiscally responsible will be necessary.

ROR getting any type of contract over 4.5M essentially forces the team to play him in a top 2 role. If hes relegated back to 3rd line center duties, and mostly PK time, his numbers will undoubtedly go down. What happens if ROR is paid 4.5M+ over a 5 year deal, and starts churning 40 pt seasons, based on the role he's given?

IMO, the reason he's not being signed to a long term extension is because the team is not ready to commit to any of the 3 centers until they have more time to properly evaluate. If you give ROR the big contract, you pretty much eliminate that evaluation process.

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