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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Missing the point, you all do it.
Why is it bad that Cole and Patches are on the same line? We have no quality winger outside of them. I'm not saying this to prove that DD is not suited for the NHL and that he should return play in the ECHL...
DD IS a liability in his own end. Denying this is like denying the heliocentric theory. He's not strong on the FO he's not strong on the puck, he's lost in his own zone.. Now I know this doesnt happen every time he's in his zone, wich is why you may not see it, but it happens enough for me to be doubting his abilities.

And DD would be a better winger than Eller for starters, wich means we have two good players instead of on good(dd) and one that is completely lost(eller). Also, he is actually winning most of his boards fights. + This is alot easier to get better at.
I think Gionta is a decent winger, but ok, so your saying team is lacking wingers, what does that have to do with DD, should the tittle be, "this team can't succed with these wingers"

DD was better than both Eller and Plek on faceoffs last year. And while he isn't great in his own end, he was +9 and playing with two guys that are not known for therer two way game in Cole and Patches.

I guess I disagree with you on who would be a better wing, Eller or DD, size in todays NHL is more important on the wing than C, with all the forecheck and board work, and it seems like every time he has been on Eller has been used as a winger, with St Louis they tried him at wing, with the National team they put him on wing, so its not like the idea is coming out of nowhere.

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