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01-21-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
This is the problem. If he's not going to be good on the wing, how can he possibly be expected to be good in front of the net?

The problem with giving him both Patches and Cole is that we lose size on our other lines because of it. There's no balance in the squad. If we had several tough wingers over 6'0" this isn't a concern, but we don't.

He may also not be a liability in his own end but he's not at the level of Pleks and Eller. So by playing him on our #1 line, our two best scorers are stuck in our zone more often than if they were centered by one of them.

We need to spread the wealth so to speak. We can't put DD and Gionta on the same line, yet we have to split up Patches and Cole. We're doomed otherwise. That's the biggest problem I have. The way I see it:

-Patches and Cole shouldn't play together. We have to spread the wealth but we can't because DD needs two big wingers.
-DD shouldn't be #1 center.
-Pleks and Gio shouldn't play together. They're forced to because of our current #1 line.
-Neither Pleks or Gio should be paired with DD. Because of their size.

Look at all of the constraints. That's why DD hinders us. It's not that he's a bad player.
Annnd this screams move DD to the wing and put him with Chuck or Eller.

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