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Originally Posted by Callafan24 View Post
Bickel brings an element of toughness that Torts likes to have in the back. Sauer used to play with that edge but unfortunately we're without him this year. With a decent amount of tougher teams in our conference, I don't know that Rupp and Asham can handle the entire load. Not that we have a soft team but it's clear that Stu's toughness is keeping him in the lineup. Replacing him with Eminger should be an easy fix considering he's had a few good stretches with this team, but we do lose that element in exchange.
I don't give two ***** about bickel's toughness or ability to fight because his ability to be a hockey player, or lack thereof, cost us the momentum we had going last night and imo the game. He can't skate. He let an average NHLer at best, blow by him and turn the game around. I know, I know, there are other guys playing poorly or not up to standards, but those guys will turn it around because they have the skill and ability to play in this league. Bickel does not. He is not an NHL defenseman and with his poor skating ability he'd be lucky to survive in the AHL.

Don't give me this crap that the east is tough and we need bickel's toughness. We had fights in both games, two in boston. We lost both games. We didn't lose because of a lack of toughness. We lost because our defense was weak. Bickel did not play good in either game. Put eminger, heck put Gilroy in, at least he can skate and keep up. Like I said last night, if this is the type of play were going to have to be subjected to then put McIlrath in. At least he has promise and potential and more size. I can't watch Bickel anymore. Last night was it for me. Watching Vitale blow by him was maddening. The rangers tied that game and were playing strong carrying the momentum. Bickel killed all of that momentum.

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