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Originally Posted by CalderKing21 View Post
regressed or not, Duchene has two good season out of 3 to ROR's 1 out of 3. he shouldn't make more than Duchene.
EJ is around a 26-30 pts scorer for his career, his peak year was 39 in his rookie season. So i don't think he did anything other than what was reasonably expected from him last season.

Well, i just see it from a diferent perpective. To me that last year has an impact, more than the other two.

Lets say Duchene had another 60+ point season last year, do you think he would have setted for 3.5m per??? He would have asked for 5+ i think, but he lost his leverage.

ROR on the other had improved tremedously and was one of the most reliable players on the team during last season. Therefore i dont mind him asking for more than Duchene.

i'm a huge ROR fan and think he's been our most complete player for a while now. but my offer would stop at 4.25(more than likely 3.75) if i got that far and it would have to be 7 years so as to avoid this nonsense again.
3.5 for two years is saying, you did it last season now prove it for two more years and we'll reward you. he could have taken that deal.
it's a raise and about his market value based upon the previous seasons production. he's not worth 5 million and if the Avs pay him that we will be in trouble in the future.
I mostly agree that 4.25M its fair IMO... what i'm afraid is that our mgmt doesnt think that and are stuck at 3.5, THAT would be ridiculous IMO.

But we dont know exactly whats going on behind the scenes.

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