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01-21-2013, 02:06 PM
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WEHP - Keep up the Good Work

I agree with “dickeidunn” ,why all the slings and arrows at WEHP. This draft business at any level is not an exact science. How many times do the NHL scouts make mistakes? How many times do the actual WHL scouts make mistakes? In the 2010 WHL draft the first overall pick was Alex Forsberg. He is currently unranked by central scouting and plays in the SJHL for the Humbolt Broncos. He may go undrafted then turn into a bonafide NHLer.

If you could canvas all 22 WHL teams and get an accurate ranking list from each team every list would be different. Most likely the top round for each team would be similar other than the actual numeric positioning. But after the first round each list would be wildly different. My point is this draft business is a crap shoot at all levels.

I hold no affiliation to WEHP in any way, but I would venture to guess that if you talked to him he would say the list is put together for discussion purposes only. Sure he does what he can to put a list together with some relevance and credibility but in the big picture of things he has great interest in Bantam level hockey and basically has created a website that posts everything “All Bantam”. He should be commended for doing so. And a final point I don’t think he is making a million bucks doing so!

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