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Originally Posted by Shady12 View Post
Some scatter shooting, only read the first page so far-

Wandell sucks. Just get rid of him, bury him, whatever you need to do. He's proven that he's not going to develop into anything. Play someone like Sceviour instead.

Depressed about the D. Small and the best players are only adequate. Robi needs to go, or at least get 3rd pairing minutes. Goligoski, man I regret that trade. He's no good defensively and his scoring even dried up. Dude is a #5 D, should not getting first pairing minutes. I like the Dillon-Larsen pairing. Optimistically I hope it develops into a legit second caliber pairing. Both need to develop at least some offense though. I trust those two the most, plus Daley. I sure hope Oleksiak comes on fast, and hope they can find some sort if solid vet with size to eat big minutes by next season.

Frustrated by the way Gully gives forward minutes and line combos. Hope that starts to change. At least there's the sign of the "4th" line catching up to the "3rd"(HAHA) in minutes. When Benn is back do this(being realistic, they don't go SUPER YOUNG as some mentioned earlier-

Whitney-Benn-Ryder(needs good linemates and someone to set him up)
Smith-Eakin-??/Sceviour (MorrowVincour/Chiasson-he's really coming on offensively)

No damn idea what to do with order of D pairings, other than guys like Robidas and Benn need to stay out of the top 4.

Goose-Robidas (terrible pair but this lowers their minutes)
Maybe need to throw Oleksiak in there somewhere.......
I think Wandell ends up a 4th liner who can fill in on the 3rd line and probably won't produce, but won't look lost either.
It's early, but his faceoff game doesn't seem to have translated well.
I'd really like to see him on the wing; if he doesn't improve, his contract is up at the end of the season if they choose to go that route.

My opinion on the defensive situation is that they have a really solid goaltender, and I think building around him would be a huge step in the right direction. Defense should really be top-priority going forward. Scoring goals is fun; winning is more fun. Kari with a solid defense in front of him would be a sight to see. Also, having a good defense would likely mean their defensive strategy won't be putting as many people in front of the net as possible and letting them shoot as many times as they want hoping that if it gets through, Kari will save it. It's so boring to watch. Lots of stopping after the catch and starting over.

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