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Originally Posted by LeetchisGod View Post
Clean hit or not, it's becoming apparent that opposing teams are completely comfortable taking liberties with our players. Sauer's career is probably over because of this. Orpik is also a repeat offender in this regard. His hit on stepan last year was dirty. With Crosby's history, I'm surprised the Pens are willing to risk retaliation.
Look, I don't know. Maybe the problem is that we are so extremely unusual to see any kind of hits from D's that we are suprised to actually see a D hit a player? Maybe Staal, McD or Girardi should actually hit a player themselves???

We have lost two players in what two years (Sauer and Staal) that I can think of. I don't think its much to complain of. I wouldn't have minded if we saw some kind of reaction on Orpik, for sure. Especially for his extremely dirty hit on Stepan. But I definitely wouldn't guess that we are targets of big hits more than other team. I would guess that we are definitely below avg on that scale.

Plus, undoubtedly it was a extreme rookie play by Kreider. He skates up ice against two D's looking down on the puck and actually intends to pull of some kind of dipsy dodly play without an idea what's going on infront of him. Most kids makes misstakes like that a couple of times, may you be Taylor Hall or Chris Kreider, but its not like it was a dirty hit by Orpik. He stood up on a rookie that was tired and desperate. And while you can argue how suitable it was, Torts kind of had a point in the presser. So far I've heard a ton of the following on Kreider:
1. He is better in the NHL than the AHL.
2. He would score if he played with a great center.

I mean, that's not how it works. Who the heck is this kid? If you want to play on a second line in the NHL, you know what, play well on a 3rd line first. The kid is kind of caught up in trying to pin down his position and so forth, that is a "legit excuse" early in a season on a team with coaches that puts that first. But, we could definitely see more grind from Kreider too. And its about time he starts showing it now. It should show that he has played all year and is in mid-season form while the rest are still getting warm.

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