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01-21-2013, 02:08 PM
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there were a lot of Duchene trade whispers last year, iirc. perhaps the RoR situation is a blessing as i would have hated to see duchene moved before we got to see him mature.

RoR, if what i have read is correct, making 4 million in russia per season is troubling. because that is 4 million tax free. so if we want the kid to walk from 2x4 million tax free we have to give a little.

if you don't want to do that to insure your next RFA won't try to get more than current proven worth, fine, i can understand it, but it also should not be RoR's fault for trying to get it.

people in PHI hated hartnell's contract when he inked it and he was overpaid a couple years, and then last year he was underpaid. sometimes these things balance out.

it is also important to remember that our next RFA won't have KHL contracts because there won't be a lockout. the lockout played a role in this ugly mess.

this just sucks as a fav of COL and RoR. i don't want him traded, i was liking the rebuild.

if he is not traded, they wait, it's a bad year and we get a great pick in the draft and somehow RoR and COL kiss and make up next off season, well, i'd be OK with that.

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