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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
It's my understanding that the FAL has a little more stopping power, mobility, and a faster reload time. I tried to rank those guns with attachments ignored, just the gun by itself. The FAL has a slightly better iron sight, as well.

Almost to max prestige. I'm going to take a picture of my combat record when it's done and upload it to this thread, giving you guys an idea of how much time, kills, etc. it took. It's been quite the marathon over the past 2 1/2 months.

Edit: And yes, the Chicom is vastly underrated. I hated that gun when I first started using it, but once I slapped on xJawz's configuration (Primary Gunfighter with Laser Sight, Long Barrel, and Red Dot) it's been a beast of a gun. Select Fire, I feel, actually makes it worse. You can burst fire more bullets with a fast trigger finger. Laser Sight makes it a beast at any kind of close range, and the combination of Red Dot and Long Barrel gives it some power at medium distance. Great gun if used correctly.

It seems that the FAL is the superior weapon, though, they're similar enough anyways where it barely makes a difference.

Plus, I've only been playing HC for the past few weeks, it really doesn't matter what weapon you use, especially between the two. 1 shot kill from either one.

I prefer the SMR due to looks. The FAL has always been a great gun, but just like the FAL vs M14 comparison from COD4, I like the "heavier" hitting weapon.

*note, FAL does more damage, but the SMR feels like it packs more of a punch due to recoil + Sound.

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