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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
If Avs management isn't willing to commit to O'Reilly at this point, then there's no point

Every draft pick, every trade, every free agent acquisition, and every contract extension is a gamble. There's calculated risk with every single one. If the Avs are going to be this freaking cautious with every one of their players, they're NEVER going to be a winner again.

I'll reiterate that I don't think the 5-year offer reportedly on the table for O'Reilly is "unfair," but I don't think he's being classless by asking for more. I hope the two sides can find some middle ground, but if the Avs are seriously just gonna stand there and not budge, they're being ridiculous. That's conjecture on my part, based on what I've read.

Frankly, O'Reilly and his agent likely know that they've got the Avs by the proverbial balls in this negotiation. He is, IMO, the team's best player, but if you want to argue that he's at least the team's best two-way forward. He's also the team's best penalty killer...and it should be noted that the team's other best penalty killer now plays for the Leafs. Not saying that completely justifies O'Reilly's position, but the Avs don't have the high ground here. The Avs will be at the bottom of the league standings if they take as many penalties as they took the other night and fail to kill those penalties like they did last night.
I don't agree with this at all. I don't think O'Reilly and his agent have the Avs by the balls at all. If anything the Avs hold an advantage in the negotiating process because they control O'Reilly's NHL rights for the foreseeable future. If O'Reilly stays in the KHL for a year then he doesn't get any closer to UFA status and the Avs still control his NHL rights for the foreseeable future. The Avs clearly control O'Reilly's NHL future one way or the other.

The Avs do already have two other centers that can play on their top two lines. Whether or not they produce enough for the Avs to be cup contenders is to be determined but they have the skill level and the potential to handle the top two line center positions. Again, negotiating advantage for the Avs.

Would O'Reilly be a better 3rd line center and PKer than Mitchell? Yes, I believe he would. However, given the first game that Mitchell played for the Avs I don't think they are currently too worried about Mitchell being able to fulfill that role this year. I also don't think the Avs are willing to pay $5 million per year for a 3rd line center that kills penalties.

O'Reilly may want to play hard ball with the Avs and demand $5 million per year however he isn't negotiating from a position of strength. The Avs have options and they hold the cards when it comes to O'Reilly's NHL future.

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