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01-21-2013, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by iceberg View Post
Well, i just see it from a diferent perpective. To me that last year has an impact, more than the other two.

Lets say Duchene had another 60+ point season last year, do you think he would have setted for 3.5m per??? He would have asked for 5+ i think, but he lost his leverage.

ROR on the other had improved tremedously and was one of the most reliable players on the team during last season. Therefore i dont mind him asking for more than Duchene.

I mostly agree that 4.25M its fair IMO... what i'm afraid is that our mgmt doesnt think that and are stuck at 3.5, THAT would be ridiculous IMO.

But we dont know exactly whats going on behind the scenes.

had Duchene put together another 60+ point season then he would have been able to come to the table with 3 consecutive years of 20+ goals and 30+ assists, i don't think anyone would have argued that he would deserve 4-5 mil like he demanded, they would expect more defense and grit but wouldn't argue the salary(unless he started demanding 6 or so)

the overall body of work comes into play when you're re-signing your own FA's more so than signing another team's UFA.
you're setting an example of what other can expect with similar years/demands. if they pay ROR for one good year with two so-so seasons previous to it then you lose all potential leverage in future negotiations with players.
you can't tell a guy we don't think you're worth this when you paid O'Reilly based on one season.
i like that he is improving and he should be rewarded for that, but not 4.5+ for it because his agent makes a cause that he's similar to players who make X amount of money.

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