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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
Niners defence was not nearly as good this year as it was last. The Niners needed the added offence that Kaepernick gave them, the game manager style of Smith would likely not have worked. I doubt they would have beat Green Bay. SF's defence was not all that impressive last Sunday against them, but it was overshadowed by the fact that Kaepernick controlled the game so effortlessly. Similarly, yesterday, the 49ers defence waited until the second half to show up, but Kaepernick kept them in it with big plays and opening up the run game a lot more through the read option. Atlanta was obsessed with containing him, that they left wide open holes in the middle for Gore and James to run through. Watch Gore's 2nd TD for a perfect example. And Kaepernick made some beautiful throws, and I trust him to be able to make the tough throw in coverage over Smith.

People seem to forget that last year in the Divisional game, the defence gave Alex Smith 5 turnovers, and they still needed last second heroics (good on Smith for the last 5 minutes of that game, but it shouldn't have been needed) to pull out the win. Not to mention, 49ers went from having the best kicker in the NFL to the worst kicker in the NFL this year. Thank goodness that the 49ers have greatly improved their red zone offense these playoffs.

Smith is a good QB, he'll find another home. He's smart, and he'll be good for a team that wants a QB to simply game manage and not turn it over. The Jets seem like a good option, or maybe even someone like the Chiefs.
Not sure I agree with that, statistically speaking...they were better.

While the Niners made near history with their run defense last year, their pass defense struggled all year.

This year, they're run defense was still one of the best (though not as good as last year, though it's difficult to repeat what is near perfection) but their pass defense improved dramatically.

Of course, any defense will give up yards...the Niners have faced QB's like Brady, Brees, Rodgers x2, Ryan. Those guys are all great QB's who have quality WR's, expecting any defense to just shut them down is unrealistic.

But when it comes down to needing a stop, that's where the Niners defense really shines and they've shown this continually this year. They don't mind giving yardarge underneath and over the middle because they usually limit damage by tackling well.

As for the Green Bay game...the Packers are/were tremendously overrated, they had an awful defense, no run game and a leaky oline. You're not going to make it very far in the playoffs with those weaknesses, especially against well balanced teams like the 49ers. The Niners could of started their 3rd string QB Scott Tolzien and probably would have won (hyperbole)...

As for the Falcons...the Falcons, like the Packers, are porous against the run. Whether the Niners were running the read-option with Kap or running more of their traditional running plays, they would of had the same success vs the Falcons.

The big difference the 49ers get with Kaepernick over Smith is

#1 the read option threat has opened up their playbook
#2 the 49ers can make more plays outside the hash marks

Otherwise, the 49ers are essentially the same efficient offense...look at Kaep's raw numbers vs. Smith. There's not a drastic difference in terms of passing efficiency, there's just a big difference in explosif plays.

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