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01-21-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Very classy, but IMO Sac has needed a new arena since 1998. It should have not come to this.
None of that is relevant. The fact of the matter is that Sacramento got a new arena deal struck and the Maloofs backed out.

Originally Posted by NickWIHockey View Post
The NBA cant force the maloffs to sell locally though. this is basically a done deal, and moves the bucks to the top of the list of possible relocation cadidates.
Yes, they can. It's their league and they have the right to decide who can be owners of their franchises in their league. Chances are that won't be tested though.

Originally Posted by Nuclear SUV View Post
Seattle had it worse. Sacramento had multiple years to save the team, Seattle never had a chance with Howard Schutz selling the team unannounced in the dead of night to the man who vowed to bring the NBA to OKC, without giving others in Seattle a chance.
Seattle never got an arena deal struck and had their owner sell to someone local to give a try. Sacramento got the arena deal but the Maloofs backed out and then never even gave a local buyer a chance. But arguing who had it worse isn't going to go anywhere. It sucked for Seattle then and it will suck for Sacramento. At least Seattle has other professional franchises to invest into. That's not really the case in Sacramento.

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