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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post

Nonis is a very patient man and we wont see any movement unless we get a clear picture with what Carlyle is working with.

Thus my suggestion that nothing is worth noting other than simple discussion.

I truly hope that Komisarek rebounds under Carlyle and he plays a simple, steady and phyiscal game where he plays up to expectations. Carlyle is going to give Komisarek that chance with selective minutes and PK time.

Randy has told his defensive core to "play simple", and with the cast that he is working with (Holzer, Kostka, Fraser, Komisarek), he could get the best bang for his buck with that advice leading us to not needing to make many moves and watching Scrivens/Reimer put up much better numbers and feel more comfortable.

Wilson preached mobility and skating the puck out of problems, where as Randy is demanding we collapse hard infront and just get the damn puck to the outside and along the wall and falling back into line.

I can see this really working with the likes of the 4 listed above.
A lot of chatter on here and in media that we didnt really look that good on Saturday, more so the Habs were rubbish. I was actually fairly impressed with how we played defensively as a unit, especially the blueline. Still need to get a bit more nasty in the crease area, IMO, but I thought all of our defencemen kept it pretty simple and all played well. Komisarek looks like he may benefit the most from Carlyle's system.

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