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01-21-2013, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Not saying our blueline wouldn't look like ****. Just because a guy is irreplaceable doesn't mean that we should sign him to a crazy deal.

His worth is 5.75 million, IMO, especially considering that he's getting an extra year here. On the opened market, his value is probably 6.25-6.5 million on a 7 year deal.

Not sure how Letang goes into a negotiation and says, "I want to make more than Karlsson." He can say, "I should make what Campbell or Bouwmeester makes" but we all know those contracts aren't indicative of the market now that the cap is slated to drop by 6 million dollars.

Is Letang a legitimate #1? He isn't this team's go to on the penalty kill, and if we had any semblance of a PPQB, he wouldn't be this team's go to on the powerplay. He's not a PPQB as I've said before.

What he is is a great top pairing defenseman, IMO, who can play in all game situations, but is at his best as a 5-on-5 puck moving defenseman.

A #1 is a guy like Weber, Lidstrom, or Chara. Minute munchers in every single situation, albeit, Lidstrom in his last few years was used less on the PK to keep him fresh.

I'm not saying to lowball the guy, but let's keep in perspective what he actually does. 5.75 over 8 years would put him in the top 15 of the league in salaries for defensemen. He'd be paid as a #1 technically, and honestly, 5.75 is paying the guy for potential still also.
Karlsson made 6.5 mil per as an RFA. J-Bo got his deal when the cap was 56.8 mil, and it was 56.7 for Campbell's.

You should also check how much Weber plays on the PK.

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