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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
Sacramento has nothing going for it... it's a mid-size market that's basically already covered by the Bay Area teams. Considering that neither the NBA or NHL are in San Diego, which is both bigger and better demographically, going to Sacramento would be a step backward
Well, it has 2.5M people and the 24th largest metro in America -- and growing. And now it is the largest metro in the US without a sports team.
It's also the capital city of California -- one of the larger economic entities on the planet.
Sure, California is a blue state basket case. But they still have Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Not to mention the most perfect weather in America.
And California is sitting on massive energy reserves and can spark an energy boom if they ever decide to.
At some point I predict the ruling class eco-zealots that run California will get voted out. California is increasingly Mexican and Mexicans have no problem with drilling for oil -- Pemex is the national treasure of Mexico. The idea of not drilling to avoid offending the "green" religious sensibilities of the ruling class liberals won't last forever. (I'm not predicting a resurrection of the Repubs in Cali, but most likely a pro-drilling Mex-American Democrat rising to power. A pro-drilling socialist basically, just without the weird earth religion/nature worship stuff.)

California has the luxury of having so many natural advantages that they can screw things up really bad for a long time, but now they are really feeling the consequences of decades of poor decision making. I'm confident they can learn.

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