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Originally Posted by mt99808 View Post
My internet connection is fine ... i regularly get 12-15 mbps downstream. I'm on a hard wired connection so no issues there. There is no stuttering or buffering, the picture just isn't crisp and when there's motion you get some blurring.

I had the past 2 years and I would agree it was better than my HD on Bell. The difference with baseball is there is no quick motions.

I love having the internet service because it allows me to watch the leafs game on TV and then flip through all the other games on my ipad but on nights when the Leafs aren't playing and i want to watch on my TV I don't think the quality is acceptable.
Take a look at the setting then. I suspect you might have the video quality set to "auto". Thats really the only reason i can see why you would get differences in quality.

I set my video quality to "3000kbps" rather then "Auto" and it has never looked bad or blurry. The only thing i did notice, as mentioned earlier was that i did buffer for me 4-5 times during the Oilers vs. Canucks.

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