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Originally Posted by GordieHoweHatTrick View Post
Can I get around local blackouts if I tether the internet for my Iphone?
You can get around local blackouts using on any device that allows you to configure your network settings (specifically your DNS servers).

Essentially there are two options:

1) Unblock-us or UnoDNS - These services basically resplace your default ISP DNS servers with their own. Once you set it up (on whatever devices you want), their DNS servers will re-direct your traffic through specific proxy servers which make it looks like you are browsing from another part of the world.

This is a cheap and easy solution to get around regional blackouts, access netflix usa/uk/etc., and any other site which allows access based on geo-location.

The risk here is that when you use 3rd party DNS servers, they basically get to see ALL of your internet traffic on that device, so if they ever had "bad intentions" this would be a great place to start gather information. Hence, i would only recommend using this on your Boxee, AppleTV, Zbox, Xbox, etc. since you aren't likely to be going onto online banking or similar types of sites on those devices.

2) VPN - This is a good option but generally costs more than option 1 and requires more configuration. VPN gives you a whole bunch of other advanced network features which go beyond what we are talking about here, but among them would be the ability to bypass the regional blackouts, as long as your VPN is in another city/country than you are.

Hope this helps...

EDIT: If its just iPhone or another mobile device you are wondering about then the "GPS spoofing" is another easy solution.

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