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Originally Posted by howie789 View Post
IMO, you have to keep the non-division, intra-conference rivals in tact as well- NYR-MTL, NYR- BOS, PHI-MTL, PHI-BOS, PIT-TOR, PIT-MTL..among others - the bigger Original Expansion- Original Six rivals so to speak. To have them only play twice a year would be at travesty too. I say switch WPG-CLB. Play your div rivals 5-6 x- every other conf team 3x - and the other conf teams twice. You've got to see everyone in your home building once. This is common sense. Baseball and Basketball do this. Travel, schmavel..traveling on a corporate jet is cake.. commercial is different obviously- you don't have to sit by Del Griffith (shower curtain ring salesman) every flight..
Totally agree. If you put too much emphasis on the Division, you risk losing a bit more of fan-interest in non-Divisional matchups. Some of those matchups currently draw a lot of attention and, depending on the competitive factor, sometimes or some Seasons those matchups are more sought after by the fans than certain of the Divisional matchups. Just take Boston-Phily, as you mentioned,... so they play a game against each other, things get intense,... currently fans have 3 more of those matchups to look forward to, but imagine reducing it down to only 2 games against in the Season. For one, the intensity level between the teams might not even get so high if they're only playing each other twice.

Packaging it too tightly in a nice little Divisional bow, the League would be limiting itself too much, IMO.

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