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01-21-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
As Kriss E said, this would be bad.

An arbitrator doesn't make gut feeling calls. He looks at the stats. The number of minutes played on PK/PP/ES. The number of points. He looks objectively at a player's contribution. He will look at all comparables. He will listen to any argument that is quantifiable and objective. Subjective crap doesn't enter in the equation much. And at this point, the only people who think Subban isn't worth much have only brought up subjective arguments about character, being willing to take one for the team, being willing to accept a bridge contract just because.., etc. I have seen zero quantifiable evidence to suggest Subban isn't worth at least 4.5M-5M.
The reason for that is that there isn't any.

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