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01-21-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
How exactly could he have done a better job? When someone (any NHL player, let alone a scorer as accomplished as Vanek) is coming in on you on a breakaway, the only thing you are thinking about is selling out to stop the puck. You're not thinking about the rebound, or what happens next, all you can do is concentrate and stop the first attempt and rely on your other guys to clean up.

Bryzgalov did his job and made a damn nice save on Vanek, and what was his reward? Jake falls down, then gets up and whiffs trying to whack the puck out of the crease and then Bryz manages to recover and cover the puck w/ his glove, only to have Hodgson ram right into him and push the puck over the goal line.

If Fedotenko interfered w/ Miller, then Hodgson certainly interfered w/ Bryz.

There's no way you can blame Bryz for the Hodgson goal, and if you attempt to, you're really reaching.
I guess I just mean he could have covered the puck a lot earlier, but I guess he expected Voracek to clear it. He definitely made a great save on Vanek. I am pro-bryz for the most part man, not hatin

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