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01-21-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Mongo View Post
Been watching the Patriots since i was old enough to watch tv. I dont think I was old enough to remember the first Super Bowl against the Bears but I certainly remember the late 80s and early 90s when they were nicknamed the "patsies" lol.

Never understood the complaining about frontrunners. Every winning team in every sport gets them. When you have a winning team for a decade plus, you're going to get a big number of them too. How many of those front runner fans now might be die hard fans now too? It is just dumb, bandwagoners exist, people need to get over it. Every fanbase acts like they don't have them and the other franchise fans are frauds. Just illogical.
You can't deny the fact that the amount of people driving around with huge Patriot decals on their truck (ok, maybe those type of things only came into vogue the last few years) or wearing Patriot gear increased by ridiculous leaps and bounds since 2002. Prior to that, you could argue they were the fourth most popular Boston area team. They became appreciated overnight largely because they were the only team in New England winning championships for a couple years anyway. Had the Patriots never won a Super Bowl while the other three local teams had won championships, it would still not be as big a deal to the average fan as the Bruins drought was. Boston has never been a football town (It's why I laugh when the talk hosts whine about "Get ready for 2 weeks of Ray Lewis and the Harbaughs" when we know the talk shows will be on to the Red Sox by Thursday), and the fact they are out in the middle of the woods of Foxboro has much to do with that.

I just don't buy that Patriot fans are as passionate as an overall fan base as Eagles fans, for example, a team who hasn't won in years. There is whole generation of folks, including myself, who grew up watching and rooting for other teams because 8 times a year, the Patriots were not on TV in this area because they could not sell out.

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