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01-21-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by gstommylee View Post
They only reject a sale if there is money problems with the buyer. Ultimately its what the maloofs want to do. If they want to sell to Seattle's group, the NBA can't tell them no and that you can only sell to local group is my point. That is exactly what kevin Johnson wants the NBA to do. Reject Seattle's sale and essentially accept the local group offer.

Think about it if NBA says no and Maloofs decide to not sell it to local group, the NBA is still stuck with the maloofs.

Oh there is a 30m guaranteed no-refund down payment that hansen is paying to maloofs and there could be legal ramifications with that if there is any attempt to block the sale.
Except the franchise is not solely up to the Maloofs to sell. It is the league's franchise. They reserve the right to approve new ownership and where teams play. That is within their right. And if the deposit is given to the Maloofs and the deal falls through, they will have to give it back most likely. I wouldn't put much stock in no-refund in a transaction of this magnitude.

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