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01-21-2013, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by I Eat Crow View Post
I'm with Lion on this one. I was at the game live seeing this all unfold. My knee jerk reaction was that it was a headshot, but after watching replays, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Still, what bothers me is how Orpik felt it was needed in a 6-3 game that his team was winning to hit a 21 year old kid high and possibly injure him seriously. Stuff like this is why I hate the Penguins. What did Boyle do though? He skated right by without doing anything.

If I was a Ranger I would be insulted by Orpik's actions. It shows no respect for his fellow players at all, and frankly, he was being a bully. Suspension, fine, or not, you have to stick up for your teammates when players on the other team take "liberties" as you guys have been calling it. Sticking up for Kreider would have sent the message to the Penguins and the league that we're not going to take their ****.

I'm waiting for the hoarde of posters saying that Kreider should have kept his head up. Look closer, he had his head up the whole way. He saw Orpik coming and started to brace for the impact.
You'd be the first one cheering if it happened to the opposition and it was a Ranger doing it. There would be threads about it. This is the ultimate in hypocritical reactions.

Oh dear, big bad Brooks nailed our guy within the parameters of a 60 minute game!

The opening faceoff hasnt meant much to the Rangers these first 2 games, why would the ending horn?

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