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Originally Posted by BradtheAg06 View Post
Is there a good site to visit (other than the team's official website) that gives a pretty fair and balanced view of the team/players? Or even someone that can give me a quick run down of the players to get excited about? I'm obviously familiar with Arnaud and the two Itilians just from having watched soccer over the past decade or so, but I don't know a lot about IMFC. My friends and family are trying to get a feeling for the team culture and what the fans are like. We are thrilled to see that Montreal seems to care MUCH more about soccer than most of the United States and we are thrilled to see that Blake will be playing in a city that actually watches soccer.

One other question...are there unwritten rules of this forum as to what is cool/not cool to say or talk about? I've been on several sports forums that tend to give the "new guy" a hard time because he doesn't know the inside jokes etc. Thanks in advance for the information and warm welcome!
Loaded questions. I'll try to answer as well as I can. Hopefully others can chime in with more.

Sites (I personally like those):
Mount Royal Soccer - Many good articles. Sofiane the author posts here too.
Twitter: @Nick_Sabetti, @amandacstein (tweets NHL/CFL too), hashtag #IMFC is also a good source for current talk.

Most important players:
Bernier-CM: MVP. Solid defensively and creates a lot in midfield.
Felipe-CAM: Offensive magician. Great playmaker. In early 20s and so much fun to watch.
Di Vaio (aka MDV)-ST: Clinical finisher. Great skills and technique. Age slowed him down and tends to be offside a lot but still an excellent striker.
Nesta-CB: Shell of his former legendary self but still good enough. Stamina on NA turf an issue but it's Nesta ffs!

Common starting XI: 4-2-3-1: Perkins; Valentin, Nesta/Camara, Ferrari/Rivas, Brovsky; Arnaud, Bernier, Warner, Mapp, Felipe; MDV.

For 2013 maybe: Perkins; Valentin, Nesta/Camara, Ferrari/Rivas, Brovsky; Arnaud, Bernier, Warner, Pisanu, Felipe; MDV.

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