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01-21-2013, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by whiplash View Post
? Dis-counting that Passer Rating is widely regarded as a useless stat, ESPN has him ranked 12th.
But if you want to accept it as a useful stat, how about Flacco currently having the highest rating of any postseason QB in like, 10 years? Defense doesn't boost your Passer Rating.

He's 5-1 the last two years in the postseason and Baltimore's defense hasn't been as dominant as it used to be. The D had a great second half against the Pats but they didn't account for 21 points. Flacco did.

At this point in his career, he is absolutely an above average QB.
Using only postseason games results in a very small sample size and therefore unreliable statistics.

You can't really use record to evaluate a quarterback. It is the most important position in sports, but there's still a ton of stuff that can determine the outcome of a game that the QB has no control over.

You're trying to refute my stat with the same stat in a much smaller sample size. That's not going to persuade me, nor should it.

The only people who regard passer rating as a useless stat are those who have had their anecdotal/opinionated arguments rendered useless by it. It is simply a number that takes into account yards per attempt, completion percentage, and TD/INT ratio, all of which are very important. It gives you a holistic view of a QB's play, instead of cherry picking a certain stat.

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