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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
He has definitely regressed. But the question I ask is who has really improved under this coaching staff?

It seems to be scale that runs from stagnation to severe regression. And Iafrate just tips the one end of that scale. However, with him, my theory is that he's more of an aggressive, physical, up-tempo guy and that is not at all the style Spott likes. So the staff have completely neutered his game to the point where he mostly just looks confused and lost out there.

Incredible post!! I agree 100%!!

The Max Iafrate that started out as a Ranger was a guy who liked to play on the edge, throw the odd huge hip check, trash talk it up a bit, and rush the puck. He pretty much never saw PP time last year despite being the type of player that rushes the puck well. He saw a tad of PP time this year but McEneny and Gilbert eventually passed him as PP options. With the Corrado acquisition, he'll see zero PP time again.

Friday night, Iafrate missed a hit and it led to the 2nd goal and Spott was quick to bench him for the rest of the period and bring it up on the post game show yet there was no mention of Leivo quitting on the puck long enough to allow the 1st goal. Had Leivo not quit on the puck, the puck is out of the zone instead of the back of the net.

And don't get me started on Murphy's green light to repeatedly cause turnovers that end up in our net. How about Saturday night on the empty netter?

Spott refusing to sit veterans for any length of time bugs me too. He said before Friday's game that no player was safe from being a healthy scratch. Spots in the lineup with be given on merit, etc, etc. If that is the case, why is MM dressing ahead of younger guys with many more pts than him? Ditto Alberga. MM is no better than a 3rd liner on this team. forcing him onto the top six in hopes he'll discover the scoring touch he has never shown since he's been a Ranger is not helping.

Going into Friday, the lines of Pederson/Sterk/Ming and Llewellyn/Meighan/Bailey were the hottest over the last few games yet Spott breaks them up in order to sit Sterk and Llewellyn. No surprise we barely beat Brampton that night.

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