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Originally Posted by dimi78 View Post
Sorry but Wilson didn't preach anything like that. In fact almost everything Carlyle has said to the media about defensive play, defensive zone coverage, compete level (WHICH WILSON BENCHED KESSEL TWICE FOR THAT) is the same damn things Wilson preached.

At times last season the team played exactly how Carlyle is saying he wants the team to play now for Wilson, they went an entire month collapsing, playing solid D keeping teams to the perimeter and that dreaded PK gave up zero goals the whole month. The Key was GOALTENDING Gustavsson was sharp and had 4 shutouts virtually eliminated those soft goals and perimeter goals that plagued both Gus and especially Reimer when he came back from his concussion.

Why did the Leafs play solid D vs Montreal? Scrivens didn't allow a single puck where it went through him, he constantly made the first save and that's a must if the team in front is going to concentrate on proper positioning, boxing guys out, active sticks etc...

This total BS rhetoric about Wilson and the so called run & gun pay no attention to D is absurd. The teams strength was SPEED so they used it off the rush which is no different to what Carlyle wants. Wilson preached to keep skating what did Carlyle say was the issue in the 3rd? They stopped skating... Sorry for the rant but It's getting old all this Wilson bashing when his tenure here was not successful not because of his coaching and the lack of D... It was doomed cause of the lack of goaltending which if it's not fixed Carlyle will suffer the same results.
Doesn't this entire rant stray from its original point and effort?

I understand what you were trying to prove in the fact that Wilson didn't preach a run and gun system, and I agree that is not what he was preaching.

But the outlet system and defensive zone structure between the two coaches are generally different. Whether or not that translates in game with players under pressure is what is going to make this team or not.

Carlyle's system is better suited for the defensive core that they have currently. I don't believe I ever said Wilson didn't pay attention to detail on the defensive end, I dont believe I ever said Carlyle doesn't tell his team to skate, I just suggested he had other idea's as to how to break out of the defensive zone.

As far as Scrivens goes, yes he didn't let any first shots through, but the fact that his defensive core was there to clean up the pucks he absorbed so well should be a kudos to the defensive positioning and simplicity of their efforts. You caught onto that, which is absolutely correct. Good for you, but that wasn't my point nor did it warrant this sort of return.

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