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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Flacco, when he's on, can be a top-10 QB. For most of the second half of this season, he was a bottom-10 QB. I can say with a fair amount of certain that the regular season version of Flacco this year maybe gets Buffalo to 7-8 wins, but certainly not to the playoffs.

I'd put him in that 10-15 range. Guys I'd most definitely rank above Flacco (in no order) looking ahead for the next 365 days:


Guys for whom you can make an argument that they're better options than Flacco:

RG3 (contingent on health)

And that's ignoring football-conversation poison pills like Romo (and Schaub), who tend to put up better regular season numbers than Flacco, but don't get it done when it counts. I'll say that Joe has that Eli-esque quality that he always seems to come up big in the playoffs, which is obviously very valuable. But week-in, week-out it's tough to argue he's top-10.

(I'm hopping in late here, so I want to be clear: I do not think Fitzpatrick is a better option than Flacco, or even an equivalent one. Much if this is moot, anyways, because he's staying here in Baltimore for his entire career.)
Always interesting to get another perspective. I definitely agree with the Eli comparison, he's not consistently impressive during the regular season but he seems to play above himself during the playoffs. After the number of times he's done it, it might be more accurate to describe him as a top level QB that plays below himself in the regular season.

I would put Flacco behind Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, Brees, and in the next level down of Ryan, Eli, Stafford. The really promising youngsters (Kaep, Wilson, Luck, Griffin, Newton) sort of deserve a tier of their own, they need a larger sample size before we know for sure. I have all of the above ahead of Ben easily, no idea why he is in your top tier. Dalton I guess should go in the youngster tier but I have by far the least confidence in him.

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