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Originally Posted by darrylsittler27 View Post
He wants the likes of Kadri and Gardiner to eat his mess.Im pretty sure if we took Luongo we wouldn't be able to resign all the players we have at a $64 million cap.Kessel may want $8 million and Bozak $3 million for example. Does anyone know our current cap?

Capgeek says we are at $63 million right now.Now way we can resign Kessel,get a number one center and have Luongo.Thus there are no bidders for Luongo.It was a pipedream all along.
$17,259,167 Cap space next year with the option of buying out Komi.

Need to resign Franson, Gunnarson and one of Kostka/Holzer to have 7 NHL D (ignoring Percy,Rielly and Blacker will all be knocking at the door) Call that 5 Mil ? (probably high) Down to 12.25 Mil

Now you need 5 forwards to make 13. Kadri and Komarov are RFA's Call them 3.25 ?

Down to 9 Mill needing 3 . CMac ? (goodbye) Bozak ? Depends on the year . Keep Orr for a 800k .

Down to 8.2 Mil needing 2 forwards.

Flip Luongo for Riemer add 3.5 Mil

Down to 4.7 needing 2 forwards one of which has to play 1C unless Bozak returns cheap or Kadri is ready to step up.

Lup ? Kessel
JVR Grab Kule
Frattin Kadri Komarov
Orr McClem Brown

Dion Gun
Liles Frans
Komi Gard
Holzer or Koska


Doable but tight. If a Getzlaf type can be signed for 6-7 you would have to buy out Komi and keep both Holzer and Kostka and use an entry level/cheap player as your spare forward.

I suspect though we will trade Liles to make room for Rielly. I also don't think Getzlaf will hit the open market. What other Centers are out there ?

Ibviously I could be off on some of the players costs but I don't think I am way off.

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