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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I'm just so confused by your argument, JTG. If you think he's a top 10 defender, why shouldn't he be paid accordingly? It makes no sense to me. You are arguing who the best defender is. Nobody will argue Weber is better. But he's a talent you do see on 75% of teams.

So we are downgrading what we need to pay Letang because he's the....7th best defender in the league? What gives? That argument makes zero sense. Or are you basing it on the fact everything should be a tier system like the football draft? Because it's not like that.

Age, potential, worth to team, etc. all play a part and that means Letang deserves upwards to 7.5. I just am not understanding your argument one bit. What he will be paid =/= where he stands in the top 10 list.
Not to mention the money won't even be a problem because Martin will be traded or bought out in the off season or next when Malkin and Letang come up for contracts. Not to mention we are not paying Staal 6 million a year thank god.

If you have to pay Letang market value so be it. It's a hell of a lot better than trying to get a Z for 4 million or a Martin for 5 million. You never know where that will get you as we have seen.

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