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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Last season, most Coyotes fans were all up in Morris **** beause of how bad he played early on and complained about how his contract is worthless. How it is working out with him now? Que in Yandle at the start of this season and he is getting the same kinds of reactions as Morris got last season. If Morris can get his **** together, so can Yandle.
I wholeheartedly agree that people can turn it around. It is possible that for some of our older players, they are "fresher" in the beginning of the shortened season. So, that could be a reason.

But Morris also has taken the steps to help his game. Someone alluded to Morris losing a lot of weight in the offseason, which clearly has helped his play, if not for the reason stated above. While I can't specifically speak for Yandle's offseason training, etc. - are there elements of his game that can be improved upon that he is not doing? I know it's crap to compare a movie to real life, but I am reminded of Roger Dorn, the 3rd baseman in Major League. He was tanking it on ground balls, and the next practice montage shows him getting liners hit at him so that he can get in front of the ball. Since Yandle has this awesome penchance for trying to golf bouncing pucks, is there not a drill that can be done after/before practice, where a coach sends some saucers that may take bounces near the blue line and work with him on corralling the puck and pushing it up the boards as a forward comes at him?

I digress, but maybe the above example is why I feel like Yandle has some feeling of entitlement to his game (not that he hasn't earned some praise for his play) b/c for every time that someone is told that there is an area that needs improvement, he can point to two All-Star Games and basically say , "If it ain't broke, don't fix it...", especially when we have had winning seasons with him in the lineup. But, clearly, there are parts to his game that need improvement, and when it gets to be a broken record of the same issues, it just makes you wonder if he is doing all he can to be a better player.

How is this for a question - has he become that much better of a player since his first All-Star Game? Or, has he made enough improvements to his game that would be expected from a leader who is still a relatively young veteran?

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