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Originally Posted by Forgedias View Post
This is an intresting thread. In a shortenned season I really don't mind if Montreal fell out of the playoffs. You need to consider that this team doesn't have the firepower to take on the better teams in our division let alone in our conference. If we had trouble with Toronto, I think its quite safe to say, we will be having more problems as the season moves along. And for me its the Stanley Cup or bust, I'm simply not satisfied just making the playoffs, not with being a fan of the Habs.

Does Montreal need to do a clean sweep and rebuild from the ground up? Maybe, I think they actually have a good core to build around.

Alexander Galchenyuk, Max Pacioretty, Lars Eller, PK Subban, Alexei Emelin, Josh Gorges and Carey Price are all good pieces to build around. We actually have a decent enough prospect pool now that we can be calling them up as well to join the team next year.

The issue for us as fans is do we want to see the organziation to a full rebuild which would knock us out of the playoffs for a few more years or think outside the box and try to get some flexibility with our cap space and use some free agency to rebuild from. For me, I think we should do a combination of both.

We all know that Ryan Getzlaf and Correy Perry are going to be UFA's next season. The Ducks are going to try their hardest to sign them but I have a feeling they may try Free Agency and see what is out there. Each of them have been 90pt players and Getzlaf was injured last year, if he was healthy both Getzlaf and Perry would of had better point totals. What makes both these guys attractive is they are both 27yrs old. Getzlaf a big playmaking centerman that we desperately need and Perry a 50goal scorer. I think Montreal can make a play for these two players. Some of you are thinking how with our cap situation and at the moment we don't have the space to go after these guys. But... there is a way if you think outside the box.

Our cap situation for the 2013-2014 year is 54million with one buyout done on Gomez and Subban unsigned atm. Say he does sign for 5million so our cap would sit at 59million with 17 players signed. Not alot of room to sign anyone at this point right? Here is where we have to change our thinking, our roster as it stands now isn't a playoff team, and if they do manage to squeak in, then the Habs chances of winning the Cup is pretty small. As a fan I want Montreal to improve their chances to win the Cup dramatically. So we need to accept we are not a contender. At this point we need to figure out which players fit our core and which become expendable. Accepting this premise, we then need to trade players before the trade deadline which is more doable now with the Cap and trade clause in the new CBA. So here is my idea.

Players that should be traded.
The idea behind trading these players is not to get any players back in trade because they will eat cap room, only return draft picks.

Tomas Kaberle (4.2million) Possible 3rd or 4th round pick in return. (People may say he is worth a 2nd rounder, but I am being realistic in the new CBA, 4.2 million is alot for a team to take on.)

Rene Bourque (3.33million) Should be easily tradeable, possible 2nd round pick if he has a decent season or a 3rd.

Brian Gionta (5million) Gionta's production is just not worth the cap hit. Montreal would need to do a cap and trade with the other team. 3million would go their way and we would take on 2million. 2nd round pick in return best case scenario.

Andrei Markov (5.7million) Buyout Markov and his big contract. With Tinnordi and Beaulieu, both of these defenseman should be given every chance to make the club now.

Cap for 2013-2014 with all these changes factored in from the orginal 59million. We would now have a cap of 42.5million with the cap and trade with Gionta factored in. The Habs then would have 21.8million free to sign free agents.

So everything I posted here is all very doable, Kaberle and Bourque can be traded, Gionta can be traded, his contract is alot more attractive at 3million rather then 5million. So with this cap space we can make a play for both Getzlaf and Perry. Both of them are more then likely want to play together which is what the Ducks are going to offer them. But we can offer them that as well, what we can offer that stands out from the Ducks, is playing at Montreal. The hockey mecca for the NHL. No matter what a Leaf fan says, nothing beats the atmosphere at the Bell Centre. Add to this is the Ducks are rebuilding and with the loss of Shultz last season to Edminton, the idea they can rebuild anytime soon is a foregone conclussion. Anaheim isn't a prime destination for free agents. And lastly we can offer Getzlaf and Perry a high scoring linemate like that they had in Anaheim. We offer them Max Pacioretty to line up with them. Like Bobby Ryan, Pacioretty is a left winger and should slot in perfectly.

So to recap:
1)Ability to play together in their new city as the number one line
2)Location, location, location. Playing for a hockey mad city is a huge plus.
3)Max Pacioretty lining up with them offers them another high scoring powerforward like they had in Anaheim with Bobby Ryan.
4)And finally because we freed up over 20+million of cap space, we can offer them 7million each to play for us.

For Montreal.
1)We gain a top big bodied centerman in Getzlaf that can form one of two scoring lines for the Habs.
2)A 50goal scorer in Correy Perry.
3)Ability to keep Tomas Plekanec and Lars Eller so we have the 4 centerman we can build from.
4)Lastly with David Desharnais up for a big raise, we avoid going to arbitration and handing out a big raise. Desharnais would then be free to go as a free agent.

This would then allow us to move Galchenyuk up to the second line where he can center it with Erik Cole on one wing and we would then bring in Sebastian Collberg to build chemistry with Galchenyuk. These two seem destined to be linemates. Because we have Getzlaf, Perry and Pacioretty on the top line, Galchenyuk wouldn't face the same amount of pressure to provide scoring if he was on the top line. We can develop him and have him build chemistry with his linemates.

Our top 2 lines would look like this.





Defense would look like this.




Goalkeeper: Carey Price

With 2-3million committed to Tinnordi and Beaulieu and Collberg, we would then have close to 5million left over to fill out a backup goalkeeper, one more defenseman and 2 utility forwards. All doable with whats left in the cap.

Not only does Montreal improve from the top, we would then gain two scoring lines, have two big bodied centerman. Have 3 powerforwards on the team. Montreal would add scoring and a ton of lineup issues for other teams to match now. Montreal would be alot closer to contending for a cup with this scenario then a full rebuild,

Is this all fantasy? It is, for one thing the Ducks can resign Getzlaf and Perry and we would be relying on Marc Bergevin make the hard descision to become a seller when playoffs arrive. But as I pointed out already, this plan is all very doable. Just need to be committed to going through with it.
Let's pray management thinks this way in the off season, good thinking and a good post !!

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