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Originally Posted by Doc McKenna View Post
No you quoted me about my reading comprehension in regard to him being offered 1 million per, which he clearly would not be.

And no I am not paid what I am worth, most people aren't in REAL life, That is also a strawman argument as there is no comparison of Hockey Players to people that have jobs that do something other than entertain. Do you think you could live on 3.75 million? DO you think the habs wouldn't give him that if that is would agree to 3.75? I don't see almost 4 million as a low ball contract. And you also have no idea what they are offering, what if the habs are offering 5 and he isn't signing? WHat then is your repsonse. My point is, IF he wants huge money he needs to keep in mind that other contracts need to be signed or he will continue to play with weber, diaz st dennis etc. If tinordi looks good for two years and plays well with subban should he also earn 4 million or so. We either go with a lot of good players or a few great players and barely spare parts, cap era reality.

Great posts Doc.

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