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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
I know what the minimum achievements were under the old CBA.

You can earn up to $850,000 in Catagory A bonuses, $212,500 for each achievement, 20 goals, 35 assists, 60 points, .73 points per game, top 3 in plus minus for team, All rookie team, Allstar game/MVP. Varies for Defense and obviously goalies.

Catagory B Bonuses can pay out as much as $2Mil for any achievement with a maximum of $2mil total paid out. I'm curious to know what a first overall draft pick actually gets for bonuses. One would think that it would be max dollars for min requirements. So if RNH finishes in the top 10 in G,A,Pts, or P/G. Then he'll max out his contract. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens next season. I'm not sure how the trophies work because the CBA isn't quite clear about it, but I think you can negotiate bonuses for being in the top 3-5 in voting. Some trophies don't allow ELC bonuses though, only league wide bonuses.

I would be really interested to know what ELC bonus levels actually are being given to these top picks. as well as how many players actually get bonuses paid out. You gotta think that next season RNH and Yakupov have a good chance to earn most of their Bonus money.

Still with 3 players on Max ELC contracts $3,802,500 of their bonus money will have to count against the cap, plus their base salary of $925,000 X 3 = $2,775,000 + $3,802,500 = $6,577,500 cap hit for the 3 combined which gives each of them an actual cap hit of $2,192,500

plug that into my calculations for next season and our cap hit is $61,577,500 which comes in under the cap. Assuming that Smid doesn't get more than $3mil, Whitney or who ever ends up in that spot doesn't get more than $3Mil, Gagner only gets $3.5Mil, Fistric or his replacement doesn't get less than $2Mil. Khabby is replaced for $1.75Mil.

Horcoffs contract makes it tight, buying him out gives you about $3.5M in wiggle room if you replace him with a $2Mil player for your 3rd line center.
If I remember correctly category B is where all the trophies come into play. I can't remember the specifics but for example RNH not winning the Calder cost him some money.

Edit: It's under exhibit 5 of the old CBA. doesn't tell you everything but gives you a general idea.

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