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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I saw him come out of the corner in our end with the puck against some pretty big dudes today.

I'd rather see him play with someone other than Byfuglien so he can have his own offensive identity.
Meh I like them together. The two usually compliment each other well. Plus Enstrom would still be playing similar with Bogosian (as in offensive identity wise) 'cos both Bogo and Buff are shooters.

Buff tends to be more offensively dangerous with Enstrom and less a defensive liability than when he's with anyone else.
Enstrom offensively has been best with Byfuglien (even though Bogosian isn't that far away) and defensively he's been better with Bogosian but it's not as distinct or as far as a gap as many would like to think.

In the end it appears that
is the best top4 structure we have currently.

Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
Finishing up the GDT for the Caps game tomorrow. For anyone that's concerned about our depth up front, I found this in my old GDT files as a forward roster mid-Feb of last year:

Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Fehr - Antro - Wellwood
Glass - Slater - Thorburn
Miettinen - Burmi - Gagnon

Yeesh. Compare:

Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Kane - Jokinen - Wellwood
Poni - Burmi - Antro
Thorburn - Slater - Scheifele

As soon as they work the rust out and start to click, I think we'll be fine up front for scoring. Remember: that rag-tag group without Jokinen and Poni last year finished 12th in scoring. The big issue for me right now is getting Bogo back. Both Buff and Enstrom logged 30m plus today (just a tick over), Hainsey logged 26, and Stuart 20. That's FAR too much for that whole group. Get Bogo back and not only do we strengthen the second pair, we gain a bit more offense. Buff / Enstrom, Bogo on the 2nd, and Postma paired with Stuart on the 3rd.

IMHO. (I should put that in my signature. )

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