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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
The mistakes of the franchise over the last decade has been overpayments on contracts. And poor trades for all of the wrong reasons.

The Habs have been reduced to signing scrubs like Mara to help with a playoff run. And when Wisniewski was signed, the Habs had to let him go...............................because.......... .......of all of the overinflated contracts that kept the Habs from signing him to a long term contract.

The hand that was dealt by Gainey and Gauthier is a difficult one with undersized players making too much money.
Wrong. The problems with the habs was the fact that they overpaid for marginal players, not very good ones. They over paid for players that were replaceable for far cheaper. These players from within their own system were often better players and they proceeded to give them away for nothing.

Trading for overpaid scrubs like gomez != signing your best player to market value. Not by a long shot.

Expensive contracts was never the problem, expensive contracts for ****** players was.

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