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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
Has anyone noticed the amount of RS II's that are in the nhl right now?
You mean paintjobs? New paintjobs are applied in accordance with a stick release.

Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
I'll check ebay, didn't even think of that. Anyone know how reliable they are for actually giving good sticks though? I know the last Easton I bought online ended up being already dented pretty badly near the bottom of the shaft, and that really screws with the integrity of the stick.

Probably won't be a big deal for me this year as I'm not playing right now, but I've been wanting to get back again soon, but I broke my last aluminum just screwing around on an outdoor rink a few weeks back (my own dumb fault, it was way to cold to bring that stick out) and it's been tough to find them since I was in high school. Even when I was playing Midget I usually had to dig around in the back room of sports stores to find new shafts when I needed one.

Thanks for the advice.
Reliability? That would be random, no?

Ebay, the site, is a marketplace; they don't sell you things. The people in it do.

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