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01-21-2013, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
It's interesting how this board has such a stereotype of centers as the only guys allowed to make fancy passes while ignoring the importance of keeping possession, the one thing Eller is far better than anyone else on this team at. Keeping possession while skating through the neutral zone is the reason Gomez lasted as long as he did after all.

A 40-50 point shutdown center is a 2/3 C depending on the makeup of the team. It's a perfectly realistic projection of Eller.

What is not realistic, is the accusations that he's effectively a plug, or that he's less skilled than Moen, which is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard here, and that says a lot.
When your only skill is to keep possession, you are not a top 6 player. I would agree that he belongs on a bottom 6, why he might miss a game or 2 is because of the auditions we're making.

As far as skills, people should make the difference between pure skills and the ability to make something out of it. The jury is still out on Eller as far as being able to translate his abilities and skills. One thing is sure, we will have to really test him to know what's his future with us. We didn't do it so far. I believe we will in the near future. We CANNOT let another guy go to see him flourish elsewhere. My heart wouldn't take it. But right now, people are panicking over nothing. Unless was already hated before he got the job hence the short leash....I know which one it is. And again, should I repeat for a 1000 times, that I'm far from being a Therrien fan.

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