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01-21-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
I like the Moen/Eller pairing actually. And Eller doesn't have enough offensive flair to play on the PP. Unless is given the role of screening the goalie.

Moen and Eller should be given more icetime 5 on 5, while smaller guys like Plekanec and Gionta should be mainly used on special teams.
Don't you think Eller should get the chance to play on the PP before you label him uneffective ?

Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Desharnais is a center. A hockey player with his vision is a center.
I tought the same thing when I was a kid. But in reality this is not true at all. Explain Stamkos please. Or even Lecavalier. Or even Plekanec.

Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Eller is boss, but I think we're seeing a ceiling to his offensive potential. I don't see him ever being a top offensive center, more of a goal scoring Hanzal type, which would be great.
This is the problem here, we can't see a player's ceiling when we dont give him the chance. So far he's 23, never played PP(sufficent), never played with good wingers(He was dangerous with AK.) and he got hard matchups.

Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Eller should be a winger. He can score for sure. But his passing skills are subpar. That's what aaaaaaallllll the coaches 'including' the one in St.Louis have noticed. In essence, he's not a center. Or he's a 'replacement' center when you have your regular parts injured. He might be useful in that way.
Again please explain Stamkos. Or do you want more example of centers that are shoot first ?
His passing skill is not subpar anyway.
Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
Centers are the CREATORS of the play. A line runs around a center. Eller hasn't showed anything to anybody in pro hockey that he has 'it'. Until he does, he will be tossed around. You guys on this forum think he's a top 2 center, while ALLLLLLL of freaking pro hockey thinks differently of the guy. I tend to be on their side more than yours. Right now, Eller hasn't shown me squat as a center.
..............................................Mayb e he didnt show you nothing (he actually showed alot.) because he never had a real chance ?

Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
He's a goal scorer. He doesn't create plays. He's not a center. Until he LEARNS how to be an effective offensive center, he won't be one. He doesn't have that skill in him. Heck, Chuckie has more skills at center right now that him. Just the way he was attacking the zone last game was evident. He's a center. A natural center. Just like Desharnais and just like Plekanec.

I'm shocked that some posters can't see the difference.
Chuck has more skill than any of our centers... What is your point?

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