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Originally Posted by Bloumeister View Post
Your previous post was 'game, set and match'.

This one is for the championship.

Hand the guy the Cup.
hehehe. To be honest, I hate arguing here, because it's usually a fun hockey forum. Not as fun as some others, but still. I love the old guys here because they have been through a lot with this team. And sometimes, it irritates me to think that we tend to believe WE are better than pro hockey people. If some of you had EVER the chance of being close to them, see them in action, see them manage and play the game, you would see that all we do here is pure semantics. They know their stuff. Are they perfect? Never. But we would suck at the job like you wouldn't believe if put in their shoes. Man, they ARE the best in the world for a reason.

And I still think Eller is not in the 'doghouse'. But Chuckie is key to his future as a center with the Habs. That's evident. I saw that as early as last November when Therrien and Bergevin were talking about bringing Chuckie to camp and MAYBE keeping him. All lies with Chuckie right now.

If I were Eller, I wouldn't not make the kid look good.

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