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Originally Posted by Huskys View Post
Anyone else have experience at this particular league.... ASHL York U (Toronto Area)

We just had someone on our team actually quit yesterday, because he can no longer tolerate the refereeing. The last straw for him, was after scoring a goal he was being punched at (gloves on) and he skated backwards, as far center ice, before shoving back and the ref ejects them both. We lose our leading goal scorer for the game (and season). I've written the league twice prior to try and address the refs having zero control over the players and not stopping things before they escalate and the response is always "we have the best refs....blah blah blah" I've been concerned over the health of myself and teammates in the past - slashes to the head (puck carrier!!!) not called.. a player running into our goalie head on in OT to score a goal not called and now one of the best players on the team has straight up quit.

Any advice or anyone have similar experiences? I'm beyond frustrated and now just waiting for the season to end so I can move the team somewhere else.

In the most recent game, the refs dropped actually dropped the puck at center ice after a goal and our goalie had his blocker and stick still off. The refs noticed it mid play and just let the play go, no whistle... nothing... mind boggling. There are too many other obviously blown calls to list them all. Basically the entire fun of hockey has been sucked out, only because the refs just plain suck!

I know I'm only playing rec level hockey, but we also spend good money to have a properly officiated game. I can't wait for the next season... somewhere else.
It's like that everywhere.

In some even crappier leagues the referees will play favourites blatantly.

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