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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
Barker's entire cap hit can be buried just as easily as Vandermeer's because it's under $900K.
There was a reason somewhere in the waiver rules IIRC. I saw it somewhere, can't remember where. Thought it was because of the 1-way vs 2-way contract thing. Could be wrong, though. I'd like to think it was because of that, because I'd sure as hell like to think our coaching and management can see clearly enough to know Vandermeer is the better option of the two. Still have no idea why we picked up Barker.

Originally Posted by VeteranNetPresence View Post
mitchell wanted to stay here, and the canucks tendered an offer, but couldn't match other teams' offers because of ballards HORRIBLE contract.
Originally Posted by VeteranNetPresence View Post
if things turned out differently the canucks wouldn't have ballard. sounds good to me
Nice revisionist history. Ballard was traded for before the team signed Hamhuis, we all knew we needed to upgrade the D, and Mitchell hadn't played since January of that year. At the time, as far as anyone knew, Mitchell was one step away from being in Lindros territory if he got another knock on the head.

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