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01-21-2013, 08:05 PM
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I was at the game too and I'll be going tomorrow and then again for the Bluejackets (and perhaps Chicago too) and I must say the atmosphere was weird. I've been to hundreds of hockey games but only two Wild home games before last night---both being last year and both having a better vibe.

I was remarking to my friend who is part of our season ticket group that it felt to me that the fans were waiting to "buy in". As the ever pessimistic Minnesota sports fan, those who follow most if not all of the teams in the covenant are used to having their dreams stamped on. The whole making you believe then ripping your heart out is a theme in this sporting landscape.

After Parise put that goal in I figured it might pick up annnnnnd it didn't. Very quiet but oddly quiet, like everyone was waiting to see more before going berserk.

On my end there were a few chants, even a Norm Green sucks one to my left that died slowly.

I'm interested to see to tomorrow night. It's a weeknight, I suspect more hardcore fans and less suits and families so we will see. The team came out flat and that set the tone in many ways.

If it is still the same I'll be disappointed, though not surprised.

Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
There were only two times during that game when people were getting loud and that was when they scored and when they were playing the Bush song near the end of the 3rd period. It gets too quiet. I can't stand it to be honest. Chicago typically is in the 100 decibel range throughout the game. There is 100% no reason we can't do the same.
In Chicago and Boston I feel there is no "putting on airs" or being overly polite. I've seen the Bruins many times swearing my head off and screaming with kids from Southie and members of my family and no one cares. It's by far the best NHL experience I've had

Now, even if I want to yell something it feels socially awkward. Almost like a violation of the rules. I do it anyway to see if it gets others going but rarely does it.

As you mentioned, they blasted Machinehead and people went nuts but the was after several bad calls and that got people going after the refs and it carried over.

As a soccer fan, that atmosphere for me is the best. Here it's college. When I was at school you could mix the alums (who sit on their hands at my B1G school) and the kids who make it arguably the best atmosphere in college basketball.

The whole making it an event and not a sport and family friendly etiquette kills it completely. When I had season tickets in th ECHL we formed a fan group to bring in heckling and traditions and kind of break down that social wall of sitting on hands. It worked. People loved it and still do despite my departure and us losing 13 over politics from the organization, children and various other reasons.

People go to games to see the team and also people watch. Seeing some huge viking screaming his head off at goalies and other players is what I got high fives for and signed team jerseys for down in the ECHL.

You don't even have to be vulgar. Be passionate. Is just dead otherwise, and I can make a better atmosphere and more noise in my bloody living room watching it on FSN.

TL;DR: atmosphere sucks, there are things you can do about it but is is corporate hockey and the culture has changed.

Anyone in 109 or 110 tomorrow that sees a huge viking in row 8 give me a shout.

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