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01-21-2013, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Except Stepan has already eclipsed Gagners best season in his second year, and he's one of our primary penalty killers up front. Gagner is so far just another guy who is perpetually "going to break out this year" and never does.

There's a reason Edmonton fans have been trying to trade this guy for the last 3 years, and it's not because his value is on par with Stepan's.
Oh come now. Their ppg last year:

Gagner ppg - 0.63

Stepan ppg - 0.62

Lets not get ridiculous. They had basically the exact same year in production, one just missed 7 games. Stepan's PKing and age is what gives him the edge, not the fact that he scored two more ****ing points than Gagner's career high, and had essentially the same ppg. Stepan also played on a much better team and got over a half minute more per game on the PP. In fact they both had 35 points at evens despite Gagner playing in 7 less games, playing on a worse team, and Stepan having a nearly 10% ZS advantage. Stepan played slighty better competition and despite a gaudy 60%+ zonestart on one of the leagues top teams he had a negative CorsiRel (unlike Gagner). So despite Stepan scoring a whopping 4 more points in 7 more games it was Gagner who was the more effective player at evens in terms of points and advanced stats.

Another thing is Stepan's stats only improved 6 points from the year before, yet we don't hear claims of staganation. Maybe the reason Gagner hasn't broke out yet is because he's just like Stepan, a kid. This year and next are big ones for Gagner because given his age he's still more likely to break out now than anytime before this. He would have been on his ELC last season had he taken the same development path as Jordan Eberle. The fact that he survived playing on terrible teams as a player so young shouldn't be the knock on him people like to portray it as. Stepan has terrific potential but it's not fair to look so far down on Gagner when he has his own significant argument in terms of who was the better player last season.

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