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01-21-2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ROEN View Post
Whenever I think of the Subban situation it reminds me of something Pierre Mcguire once said about PK's teammates not hitting their sticks against the boards or congratulating him when PK fought (can't remember if it was his fight against the Bruins or the Jets). ' Should tell you a bit about what some of these guys think about PK' he said.

What scares me is that PK finds himself in a situation where his teammates won't stand up for him because they want to teach him a lesson, and opposing tough guys take notice. One hit or punch too many and voila some injury that puts that long term contract opportunity in peril.

From everything I've heard around the Subban story it seems pretty simple to me, Habs brass doesn't want a repeat of the Jose Theodore fiasco. simple as that. Young media-friendly kids in Montreal tend to implode, Meehan negotiated that contract and that almost ended Theo's career.

I think an intermediate contract would protect Subban on and off the ice, let him do his 'chemin de croix'. I agree that he's one of the best D man on this team (if not the best) right now, but accept a one or two year contract, don't play with the pressure of a 6 million dollar guy, enjoy the next two years because unless Markov rebounds from his injury you'll be the number one in Mtl for the long haul.

We all know what's going to happen soon enough if Markov can barely crack 40 points in the next 2 years, he won't be back
These guys weren't around when the Theodore fiasco happened, and it was a long time ago before the cap era. It's not at all the same situation either. PK is a special player, I don't understand how anybody would have doubts about PK not being legit. What's the risk here exactly?? That's he'll suddenly end up sucking?? Why??..
He's been nothing short of impressive ever since his OHL sophomore year, and every year it seems his progression speeds up. He's not perfect, still has ways to go, but we have a very good Dman here and he'll be great for years to come.
So, again, what's the risk here?

Not sure what the point of a bridge contract is for a guy like Subban? Prove what exactly during that time? that he can be top 15D in the NHL?? Is that the bar we're setting? Ridiculous. Might as well give him a long deal now at a cheaper price.

As for PM's comments, it's not the first time he'd say some dumb crap. This bad image of PK spread be media and fans is ridiculous and based on absolutely nothing. And I would trade any idiot that wouldn't cheer on a teammate because he finds a kid annoying. If some of his teammates wouldn't stand up for PK because they want him to learn a lesson (for what exactly??) then these guys need to GTFO because they're the ones actually being bad teammates.

This is just ridiculous. Sign the kid. We won't get any better return for him and he will just keep improving.

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